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    Error in final lauch sequence




      I am trying to install a debugger with Eclipse for my project on a MKV58F1M0xxx24. I am running Eclipse from a Virtual Box environment running Ubuntu 16.04 (64 bits).

      I followed all the instructions in https://gnu-mcu-eclipse.github.io/debug/jlink/  to install the tools. Currently, I am able to compile my project, and to load it in the target through command line by using the following commands:

         JLinkExe -device MKV58F1M0XXX24 -if swd -speed 4000


         JLink>loadbin <filename>.bin,0x10000000


      From those tests, I can tell that my JLink tools are correctly installed outside of Eclipse.

      When I try to debug with Eclipse, the compilation works correctly, but I am getting the following error when the debugger connects to the target


      I am sure I messed up somewhere in my set-up, but the fact that it seems to be able to connect correctly to the target, then crash has me confused.

      Any ideas I could try ?