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    Automotive Electronics Is Exploding with Innovations. What Is your Interest in Automotive Connectors?


      If any of you are like me, you have at some point laid beneath a car, pulling, yanking, replacing, or troubleshooting something. Trying to put a new clutch plate on your car or replacing a radiator (on the side of a road) or a battery with corroded connectors is a hassle. And why is it that the 10mm socket always disappeared from my tool box when I really needed it!


      Lucky for the new generation of cars, much of this gearhead activity is probably a thing of the past. No more internal combustion engines. They've been replaced by motors and inverters. I haven't even talked about the autonomous cars that are sure to hit the road someday and change the world of transportation. There is so much innovation going on under the hood that I could write a book about it. I find it incredible. And if you are curious, like me, I just want to eat it up.


      There is so much technology in cars nowadays that any car needs a variety of connectors. And automotive-qualified connectors are a special breed. They need to handle a lot of temperature variance under often adverse conditions.


      Here's my question to you. Actually, a couple of related questions:


      1. How much interest do you have in automotive electronics?

      2. Would you be interested in community content on the innovations occurring with automotive connectors?

      3. If automotive connectors does not thrill you, what would you be interested in learning, experiencing or testing in the automotive space? (I say that because the opportunities in the automotive space are going to be BIG and I can't imagine a community of engineers would not want to know about it.


      I appreciate some feedback. You can leave a comment below, or message me at rscasny




      Randall Scasny

      --element14 team