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    Anyone else find the lack of a MT3620 datasheet odd?


      Considering the effort and expense that is being put into promoting the Avnet Azure Sphere MT3620 starter kit, does anyone else find it odd that the MT3620 datasheet is not publicly available? Sure we have example code and you can infer a lot from that, but as far as I can tell any proper information on the MT3620 is available only under NDA. (The M4F core datasheet is at least.)


      I can understand that maybe not everything is appropriate to be public. It must also be tricky when there are multilple companies involved - the board manufacturers (Avnet et al.), the silicon manufacturer (MediaTek) and the ecosystem provider (Microsoft). However, if you're trying to encourage people to use a device then the more clear information and documentation you can provide the better the uptake is likely to be.