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    Boot up Sequence for BB-AI


      Looking in Ti's documentation, I found:


      The following boot modes are supported:


      • NOR Flash boot • NAND Flash boot

      • SD boot • eMMC boot

      • QSPI_1 boot (1-bit SPI flash memories)

      • QSPI_4 boot (4-bit (Quad) SPI flash memories)

      • SATA boot • Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) boot

      • Universal Serial Bus (USB) boot (like an ethernet card, not as mass storage)

      • HS USB 2.0 boot (like an ethernet card, not as mass storage)


      If the first boot source fails to boot, the ROM will move on to the next one in the sequence. Keep in mind that some boot sources take some time to timeout if that boot source isn't available. To understand details on different boot modes, see the device-specific technical reference manual (TRM).


      Key Boot Considerations are:

      • It is recommended to include population options for other boot modes to aid in development

      • Boot pins have other functions after reset. Make sure your board design takes this into account when choosing pull-up/down resistors for the boot pins