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    Azure Sphere MT3620 Starter Kit - Pre-Compiled Example Applications


      On page 38 of the Azure Sphere starter Kit User Guide V1.5 (Aug 19), the GPIO Test application refers to a precompiled app, AvnetDevBoardTestApp_ps.imagepackage, to sideload into the MT3620. On Page 39, there is a reference to another precompiled app, iperf3_ps.imagepackage, to sideload into the board to test with the Iperf3 server which I was able to download successfully. I am unable to find the precompiled packages. I can't find the source on the Avnet GitHub site either. I was interested especially in the iperf3 package to investigate the WiFi problems with the MT3620 that prevented me of being able to run the samples with Azure IoT Hub connectivity. Any suggestions?


      --Peter M