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    Who Is Your Industrial IoT Leader of 2019?


      In my opinion, performance awards not only cite the great job one person is doing, but they also help us shine a light on an industry. So, I think they have value and since many members I communicate with are interested in or aspire to be part of the IoT industry, I think it's worth participating in recognizing a person who has done a great job in helping the industry as a whole.


      This morning, I reflected on performance awards (not because my boss thinks I am doing a fantastic job or anything to do with myself) but I was passed on via email the Industial IoT Leader of the Year Award. Industrial IoT is still a new yet growing industry. IoT in the industrial sector still needs a lot of work in making the IoT solutions reliable, secure and easy to adopt and apply. Leaders help in this endeavor. So, I think it's worth recognizing them.


      Here's what I was sent via email: https://tmt.knect365.com/industrial-iot-world/iiot-leader-of-the-year-award


      If you clicked on the link, the question is: Who should you vote for?


      I'm sure all the finalists are providing leadership in their companies and for the Industrial IoT industry in itself. I can't speak to all of them, but I do know the leadership that Lou Lutostanski provides in the IoT offerings that Avnet provides is important. Avnet has launched new IoT solutions and has developed unique IoT design and support services that few companies have.


      So, I encourage you to participate in this award's voting.


      After you vote, I encourage you to make a comment about what you feel a leader in Industrial IoT needs to focus on in the coming year.


      Randall Scasny

      -element14 Team

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          At this stage, I think leadership in this space is about education and providing enabling technologies.

          Many large corporations are ramping up to provide infrastructure and enabling technologies, but it is really hard to get a handle on how much is being done across the industry and even harder to sort out which technologies will dominate. The big players visible to me are mainly companies, I don't know the specific individuals who are the visionaries and honchos in this space.

          This list does highlight some leaders in the IoT space, but doesn't include representation from what I would consider the biggest players and investments.

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            For me, leadership in this space is about vision and having the foresight to know what will be needed by the industry. As such, leadership have to reposition their organisations and offerings to maximise the value they can add to the market while servicing that need. So my view is from the outside looking in.


            Having had a look at the list, I must admit that I did not recognise all the company names let alone the people behind those companies. So, my apologies to Lou Lutostanski (AVNET) as I based my decision on the company that I recognise most, having seen them resposition themselves very well to service the IIoT market. In this case, it would be Software AG who also acquired Cumulocity back in 2017 and have built around that by providing their own cloud solutions. Whether that is a good or bad thing, time will tell.


            It will be interesting to see which is better in the long tun, as in, deliver bottom up solutions with the right equipment (e.g. avnet) or top down solutions with the right platforms (e.g. software ag).

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              I don't know any of guys named for the prize, so I will have to stick with what company is most active in the IIoT space. I found the Gartner Magic Quadrant for IIoT, as per June 2019, which gives an idea about the players in this arena:



              So, from that list, I guess my vote would go for Software AG.