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    which SOIC-8 clip ?


      I'd like to buy a SOIC-8 clip



      Is there a notable difference between 3M 923650-08 and 3M 923655-08  ?

      Are 3M 923650-08923650-08 sold nowadays still the ones sold in 2010, some of the customers described problems using them



      I'm excluding 923739-08, since it's only stocked in the USA.

      923739-08923739-08 vs 923650-08923650-08, do higher numbers mean a newer model ?


      Thank you

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          I'd buy either 3M 923650-08923650-08 or Pomona 5250, but it seems one can find critiques of both.

          Any experience with these ?

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              I didn't know these were still sold : )

              If it is for one-off, personally I use individual probes (the kind that have a spring plunger since I rarely need to connect to so many pins simultaneously). If it is for production, maybe a test jig is better (using the pogo type probes) onto test points.

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              I have a couple of the Pomona 5250 that I bought used off of Ebay (along with several other SOIC and DIP clips).  I don't know if some clipped off some of the plastic tabs that go between the spring loaded contacts that connect to the SOIC part or if they broke off, but I think that the clips would work much better (alignment) with them in place. Even with the missing tabs, they work very well and make great contact to the chips.


              If space is not an issue, but you can use higher pin count clips (like 14 and 16) to connect to an SOIC-8, so if you think you might need to clip on to larger parts in the future, you might get a larger clip now.


              Good luck,


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                I have used the 3M 2409346 and the Pomona.

                The 3M worked a bit better, but the Pomona could get into tighter spaces.

                Both do the job.

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