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    IoT -Central charges


      Hi Community,


      Does anyone know how to monitor the Messages consumed on IoT Central.?


      I thought I'd share an experience that I had Connecting my kit to IoT Central.

      I started noticing charges in the Azure Cost management- Cost analysis Blade For IoT Central.

      Not much under 40 cents each day, but alarming since I knew I had 50,000 messages a month and up to 5 devices.


      Thru Support I  was able to get a report showing over 3 days ,I had sent 250,000 messages and that is why I was charged. OK good answer and it's my fault


      I thought I was careful since I was in debug mode and thought I halted the Program. But I Noticed after 2 days that data was still coming into my IoT Central app.

      Even though I had no VS studio sessions running. Well apparently the program was still running doing its thing not attached to the debugger (I would never knowingly quite VS without Stopping the debugger, but who knows)

      I checked my machine and thought I stopped the debugger but still messages were being received in my IoT app and I couldn't explain why? and kept on racking up charges.

      I then realized that the program was still running on the setup kit.

      I stopped the program using the "azsphere device sideload delete" command and that stopped the messages from coming in. and I think I was not charged but I could not determine the # number of messages processed.


      Does anyone know how to monitor the Messages consumed on IoT Central.?





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          skruglewicz thanks for the heads up.

               This is the hidden cost of dealing with the cloud and not realising what is going on behind the scenes.  I am glad you caught this before some serious charges occurred. But it should serve others as a warning about IOT central and any other cloud resources you decide to use. Also an internal counter may have been useful in persistent storage as well. I do believe the cloud side does have a dashboard which may have a place to monitor usage. Certainly if it does not, it would not be able to justify the charges.