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    Azsphere login problems


      I just received my kit a couple of days ago.  I was able to successfully install the Windows only version of the SDK, talk to the board over USB to get it registered for the contest, get the wifi setup to get an IP assigned, and get the OS updated.  However, on the next step when I go through the claim the board steps, I get stuck at the azsphere login command.  It has huge minutes long wait times, and then it eventually times out with a red error message that the login command has failed.  If I use the command with or without the parameter --newuser bjcollin@hotmail.com , and with or without quotes it still will say registration successful, but it still will not work to login.  I checked at the recommended website link in the documentation and I can login and see my Microsoft account properly there, but the azure sphere board does not show up there anywhere that I could find and only my Windows PC looks to be a registered device.


      So what do I do next?  It won't let me progress to create a tenant without being logged in.  Does this service only register with live accounts or are hotmail accounts acceptable?  Help.  Thank you in advance.



      Brian Collins


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          Hi folks, any insights on the above?

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            I went to azure.microsoft.com and created my 12 months free Azure account using my same hotmail email address.  I figured that would solve the problem, but it has not.  I can still daily register the kit but it still will not let me log in.  Any other ideas?  Thank you.


            Brian Collins

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              Hi bjcollin, I also got the package only yesterday due to delays caused by several factors. Seems like I could not participate in the ping competition nor make a good project before the deadline for the Sphere contest.


              Anyways, happy to help you.

              Here are the steps that I took to successfully get things done with my kit:


              1. I hope you have already created your azure sphere account here (eg: account1@org.onmicrosoft.com).

              2. Also, I hope you have VS 2017+ and Azure Sphere SDK installed.

              3. Connect your device to the Win machine.

              4. Search for 'Azure Sphere' in the start menu and pull up the CLI.

              5. Execute 'azsphere device recover'

              6. Execute 'azsphere login --newuser account1@org.onmicrosoft.com'

              7. Login to the popup window

              8. Execute 'azsphere login'

              9. Execute 'azsphere tenant create --name <tenant_name>' 

              //please note that tenant_name can be any name that u wish

              10. Type 'yes' for confirmation of tenant creation.

              11. Execute 'azsphere device claim'

              12. Execute 'azsphere device wifi add -s <SSID> -p <SSID-passkey>'


              Your device is now setup.

              Just make sure that the account you use in steps 6 and 7 are the same. Also in step 12, use the tag -p instead of -k as told in the lazy person's guide.



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                Thank you for the help!  I ended up having to power down and restart my PC for another unrelated problem that I was having.  Then after everything came back up, it magically started working and it attached to my hotmail account by popping up a login screen and then everything progressed perfectly from there and I was finally able to claim and get the device set up.  I guess the installation of the drivers on the first night along with something else I had going on necessitated a full reboot because those pop-ups to login were being blocked which was causing my hanging login problem all along.