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    Get a Gold Star by Citing Your Sources

      Okay, so you will not actually get a gold star (or will you?) for doing this but it is common practice and expected courtesy to cite your sources. I know many of us have been out of school for a while and perhaps being asked to cite your sources brings back painful memories from your English or history classes (never again the AP vs Chicago style fights) but it is very important that you do so!


      Over here at the e14 HQ we thought it would be good to post up a reminder about the importance of citation, especially as we consider element14 to be a community where people come to learn. Through proper citation, you allow others the opportunity to look through your sources and share things that helped you understand challenging subject matter. Citation also allows you to acknowledge the hard-work people have done and to potentially bring them a new audience.


      In these modern times, it is quite simple to find the sources of a video, image and even code by utilizing tools that are already at your disposal - mainly, search engines. Google (and others!) have tools such as reverse image search that can help you find sources even if you are no longer sure of where you found certain digital assets.


      So we ask that if you are sharing a project, entering any of our awesome competitions or simply writing up a blog post about something cool you've discovered, that you do your best to cite your sources. This doesn't have to be anything more complicated than placing the relevant links at the bottom of your post.


      Here's an example of one of my favorite all-time images that explains the importance of the Oxford Comma:


      Credit goes out to Eric Edelman for the above digital artwork (go check out his other stuff!)