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    Can' t select PCB Part with cursor?


      I lost the ability to select a part with the mouse on a PCB.  I can't grab and move a part.  I can "box a part with the cursor", but can't select it  So I do see lines drawn around the part..

      I think my PCB is lost now?  File may be fouled?  Something (bug?) happened?  I made a new blank PCB place one part on it, an I can select it for properties or move it?

      I find lots of things frustrating or missing in CircuitStudio.   I liked Protel years ago?  I really liked the "Global" option when editing something.   For instance,  I could change all vias on the pcb this way.  I also want to see a NETLIST out of the schematic editor.  I always could find problems with the Text of the netlist.

      I also can't figure out how to re-load a net list to the PCB once it is cleared.  So I lost my connection wires.


      Thanks Mike

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          I think my components are "Locked".  I can move them by using 'Component Action Command", and pick move.

          Somehow they may have globally become locked?

          Is there a way to turn off the lock on all the PCB components?

          I fixed some of my other concerns with reloading the net list.

          Lots of "Learning Curve" going on!



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              I hear you regarding the various shortcomings of CS.  Altium had everything I desired and CS is so very close but it lacks some functionality.


              Someone else had a problem selecting multiple locked components.  Here's the thread:


              How do IUnlock all PCB objects


              I hope that your components are just locked and there isn't some deeper problem. 


              There are a couple of options in selecting certain objects in CS:


              If you select the 'View' tab and click on 'Filter', you can highlight certain objects for easy selection. 


              If you select the 'Home' tab then you can use the Selection Filter to only select objects of that type.  Everything else will be highlighted as well.


              If you hold the CTRL key while selecting an object in a net, everything in that net will be highlighted.

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                Also, check the selection filters in the ribbon tool bar.  You may have one of the filters turned on and it prevents you from selection of components.

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                    At least for schematics, there is another possible reason that the part cannot be picked with a mouse cursor click. If the component is placed off the grid setting it does not want to be selected by a simple mouse click.

                    You can select it by dragging a window about the component but then you still cannot move it.


                    However, you can select it if you hold the Ctrl key and mouse select or hold the Ctrl key on a selected part and try to move it.  It will move back onto the presently configured grid.


                    Possibly, the PCB editing has similar behavior.


                    [Sorry to resurrect an old thread.]

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                  If I lose the ability to select objects, I click the ALL OBJECTS button in the HOME tab. This resets the selection filter.