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    SSR internal resistor Wattage setting


      Hi there,

      I was trying to build a SOLID STATE RELAY with zero crossing switching. Similar to this type. http://http://demo5.zmpress.net/solid-state...ys-xssr-2402p2

      In my case I was using MOC308x, http://https://www.jameco.com/Jameco/Products/ProdDS/698998-DS01.pdf


      The TRIAC I am using is BTA100-800A. http://http://file.yizimg.com/196127/2016930-10638360.pdf

      dv/dt of BTA100 is 500V/us.


      I need to be clear you few facts.....

      The SSR is going to switch following type of Delta capacitive bank!





      R.M.S Voltage = 440 VAC

      Reactive Power, Q= 25kvr

      RMS Current= 32.8A

      Capacitor values= 342.53uF


      Power factor= -0.4


      I want to know with this higher power application is there any problem with MOC308X+BTA100 resistor wattage ?


      I was using(see the first circuit) 2W for 360R ,330R and 39R and 0.01uF 630VDC for film capacitor in case of 220VAC/2A inductive load.

      For 40A application, I will change bank capacitor.