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    Circuit Studio Trial


      I am trying to evaluate Circuit Studio, Everything loads, but the library is very limited and I have not been able how to create a part.   Is the Trial version a full version?  Do I need to buy the software to fully evaluate?

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          The trial version should be fully featured.  CircuitStudio and Altium Designer don't come with large component libraries.  There is something called the vault that has parts you can choose from, put into a design and then copy into you own libraries.  You would build up your own libraries.  Often, at least in my case, there would be custom parameters in your library for internal part numbers, suppliers and such.


          You can search for and use libraries from Altium Designer.  That means some reference designs in AD can use the schematics.  Also, sites like Octopart often have links to Altium compatible symbols and footprints.


          There are probably newer libraries out there but here is a link to some legacy libraries that should work.



          Hopefully others will respond with their suggestions.

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            I opted not to utilize the vault for my libraries.  I create all of my own components for a couple of reasons.  Sometimes the schematic symbols or footprints are not ideal for my designs and it's nice to have the ability to design and edit them as I choose.  But the more important aspect of my own libraries is to keep my designs proprietary.  I can hand a customer a project and if they choose to edit the project in the future on their own, they must either pay me for their libraries or continue to have me do the work.  This way helps with job security.

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                That's fine, but I am trying to get an over view of this software to see if we can add a couple of design seats.  My goal was to learn enough to design a simple board, but that has to include getting parts from existing libraries and building my own parts.  When I try to use the Vault Explorer it wants me to enter information I do not have yet.  So I have to make assumptions.  I have been designing boards for the past 30 years using several packages.  But this one seems to be giving me problems and I am not sure if it is me or the software.  Of course I am still designing on my other system at the same time, have to keep the business going.