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    Chinese Soft-Start Repair


      Hello!  I have an air conditioner from a now defunct Alpine AU from 2004 and we had some lightning damage to the main soft-start

      What was damaged was some sort of resistor and a Triac

      what they were specifically, are unknown.

      I looked at other soft start boards for washing machines and other high powered AC motor controllers but nothing has been obvious as to what is common
      I have replaced the TRIAC with a TOP3 BTA26 600B and the resistor connects pin A1 to Ground. other schematics have this at 100 Ohms but I don't think this is ideal.

      I could be wrong but I figured I would ask before putting this back into my live AC Air conditioner

      this board came from the following air unit
      EcoHomes.biz : The JS 7017 AH Non Ducted Single Split System Air Conditioner by Alpine

      I assume this board is still in circulation somewhere or can be replaced for cheap

      Is this the correct Resistor and Triac for 240v ?