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    What are the main kinds of MRO engineers?


      Hey Everyone.


      I'm doing some research into Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO), and want to define the main "types" of MRO techs. For example--
      * The close-to-retirement MRO who isn't looking for innovative solutions, just a reliable way to easily get the parts he needs when things break

      * The head of procurement for an aviation company who's savvy on all the latest advances in preventive, predictive maintenance and the Industrial Internet of Things

      * The factory ops guy who is under increasing pressure to keep things running smoothly despite the fact his company has slashed budget for preventive maintenance

      * The MRO responsible for keeping the mine, oil rig, or other extraction equipment running smoothly. He can't afford to cut corners as lives are on the line. The parts he buys need to be a perfect fit.

      * The young MRO tech who is terrified that he didn't really learn all the stuff in school he should have, but now finds himself in a position of considerable authority and needs a way to quickly ramp up-to-speed


      You get the idea.


      The examples above may be totally wrong, but they map onto some of the people I've met so far.


      What do you think? Are there some reliable "types" of MRO techs that you've come across?

      Thanks so much for sharing your insight! It feels great to be back in the element14 community!