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    The Next IPad Killer?


      Can the Samsung S Pad, BlackBerry PlayBook, Motorola Xoom or Microsoft ever become an iPad killer?

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          not really. even if they were also have a name nothing can beat apple iPad..

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            iPhone may fall down or schock or freeze some time but never be killed.



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              I dont think there is a serious threat for iphone, even if there is one,apple will findvways to overcome it

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                Of course iPad can be killed both by severe damage and eventually by other products. But as of today Apple has a really, really strong brand that speaks for quality and useability. Therefore it is not so easy for another company to drive in a spike by just offering something cheaper.

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                  Uggh, if I won it I'd sell it to some teeny magpie who likes shiny things with no real purpose..  A complete flop of a product and a clear example of hype over substance.  Clearly the feature-sets of any number of netbooks and tablets are far richer.  Who needs an app store with the millions of free "apps" already available for non-apple products?  For any serious user, this isn't even a consideration, just another disposable gadget for fashion conscious teens..

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                    What do you mean with "clearly"? If it is so clear, can you specify what features you mean? I don't give a damn about more features if they don't work! But please don't start a MS Windows against Mac OS discussion! (Oup, maybe I just did). I have not been running Mac OS for over ten years, still I long to the day I will do it again.


                    And whats the problem with app store? There are of course a lot of free apps out there as well so if you don't like ther store, keep to the free apps.


                    The interesting thing with IPad is the form factor. The resolution is not better than on a phone but the size is just right to make it easier to use. I mean, our fingers are not 1 mm thick. This form factor is just right for doctors as well for service personal. If it is printed Apple or not is maybe not so important but there again we come to the quality.

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                      geraldine duran

                      i love ipad !!!!!!!

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                        "iPad is so easy a cave man can do it!"


                        Innovation is the real progression of technology. Age is the "killer" of all things, especially technology. Given enough time the iPad will cease to exist whether it be by a different manufacturer or by Apple themselves.

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                          ipad will exist if no one's olready like it,.like some songs there are so many new composed but eventually it exist, the remeaning is an old song even though it has passed so many years but still alive.until the new comers die.it is good to be the first than the remeaning because first never forget like first love never die. if your first love is an ipad it is not easy to replace.you can do things,you can buy many unless you have a money.


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                            how can i get the ipad

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                              Apple is the original Ipad manufacturer...so i dont think they can beat Apple

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                                I agree with a previous post that those who have money will spend it on gadgets, thus provide for the ipad's existence. But Apple and the ipad speak to a particular market, I'm from No where, Pennsylvania and I never see ipad billboards...but you do everywhere in New York, because people can afford them there and are more likely to use them for mobile businesses to upload & access the Internet right away. Where I'm from, the ipad is an iphone that can't make or send phone calls, so if you don't have enough money, you don't buy it. That's why BB, MS, & the other competitors will never kill the ipad because if people aren't buying for business they are buying it for brand, and apple is a sleek, intelligent, & international brand.

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                                  Hey , i want the Ipad