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    Where is TCL file for microzed ZYNQ-7010?


      I am trying to use xilinix JTAG to load uboot.elf on to the RAM.

      However, I need the tcl file to preset the processor settings.


      source "tcl file" so that it can load my uboot.elf.



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          All build artifacts would be present under the project build folder on your hard drive.



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            What you need is the Zynq First Stage Boot Loader (FSBL) elf file.  This, along with the u-boot elf file and PL bitstream (if you have one), can be used to boot via JTAG or can be packaged into a boot.bin file for booting via SD card, etc.  A good place to start with learning the flow of booting u-boot and Linux is one of Avnet's posted PetaLinux BSPs for the MicroZed SOMs.  Xilinx User Guide 1144 is an excellent resource developing with PetaLinux.



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                I did that but I can't see anything on the console.


                Serial console is blank when I write fsbl.elf to RAM using JTAG?


                I have generated fsbl.elf using Symbols - FSBL_DEBUG_INFO.

                I do see that if I create a boot gen image using this FSBL.elf and place in SD card.

                And then if I change the jumper to SD card mode, I see FSBL prints on the console.

                However, I don't see prints coming on to the serial port if I do load the

                fsbl.elf using JTAG and JTAG mode.



                xsct% targets 2

                xsct% source ps7_init.tcl

                Info: ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore #0 (target 2) Stopped at 0xffffff28 (Suspended)

                Info: ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore #1 (target 3) Stopped at 0xffffff34 (Suspended)

                Downloading Program -- C:/Users/abc/Downloads/JTAG_microzed_zynq7010/fsbl.elf

                        section, .text: 0x00000000 - 0x0000fedb

                        section, .handoff: 0x0000fedc - 0x0000ff27

                        section, .init: 0x0000ff28 - 0x0000ff3f

                        section, .fini: 0x0000ff40 - 0x0000ff57

                        section, .rodata: 0x0000ff58 - 0x000112d3

                        section, .data: 0x000112d8 - 0x00014047

                        section, .eh_frame: 0x00014048 - 0x0001404b

                        section, .mmu_tbl: 0x00018000 - 0x0001bfff

                        section, .init_array: 0x0001c000 - 0x0001c003

                        section, .fini_array: 0x0001c004 - 0x0001c007

                        section, .rsa_ac: 0x0001c008 - 0x0001d03f

                        section, .bss: 0x0001d040 - 0x0001ee71

                        section, .heap: 0x0001ee72 - 0x00020e7f

                        section, .stack: 0xffff0000 - 0xffffd3ff

                100%    0MB   0.1MB/s  00:01

                Setting PC to Program Start Address 0x00000000

                Successfully downloaded C:/Users/abc/Downloads/JTAG_microzed_zynq7010/fsbl.elf



                Infact, I wrote a simple hello world program. However, this hello world isn't

                appearing on the console.