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    Fast built lungs ventilators set


      Dear friends, I'm in Italy, and I'm thinking to next months, you can see in this moment is very important for hospitals have much lunges ventilator, normal builder are not so fast in supply,

      last week there was a problem with some spare parts for ventilator valve, some researchers printed  it with 3D technology and it was ready in few hours.

      I have a think about a set of ventilators easy and fast to build: I thing to one or two collector pipe at one two level of pressure connected to a fan or compressor (big enough for number of ventilator), then  lot of users lungs ventilators (from some ventilators to 300 unit for example),

      each unit made with a pressure sensor, some valves, nozzle, controller by a raspberry with display and good software.

      To do this in necessary a multi knowledge approach:

      - medical knowledge, lounges exigency

      - hydraulic, thermal, and pipe building knowledge (I can do and discuss)

      - software and good electronic knowledge


      - simple and effective approach, easy and fast to build with simple components in every place in the world.


      The plant will need power and oxygen, we can make it with electrolysis and water.


      I hope we can make a good community, for an open source project