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    Program Update: RoadTests and Covid-19


      Greetings to all Roadtesters!


      Like many of you around the world, we have been affected by Covid-19 over the past week or so. At element14 in Chicago (where I reside and work), we are now working at home. Not particularly noteworthy in itself, but it has taken some time to adjust and rethink some of the ways we ship parts.


      So, I wanted to make sure everyone knows that we are back on track and I'll be going through applications and we will be shipping parts again. ( danzima )


      I want to thank you for your patience. I value your participation in the element14 community and, of course, the RoadTest Program.


      Some of you have contacted me with questions. I am working through about 300 email messages, so I will try to respond as quickly as I can.


      If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message.




      One last thing: I've heard some of our members have been directly impacted by Covid-19. I hope you, your family, and anyone other people close to you a speedy recovery.


      Randall Scasny

      Roadtest Program Manager

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          Thank you Randy!

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            Thank you rscasny and danzima for the efforts taken to keep the RoadTest program up and running even during the tough times.


            I hope you are safe and sound too! Stay safe


            Let's pray and hope a speedy recovery for the members who are affected by COVID-19 and the rest of the world as well. Wishing for a return of normalcy sooner.



            Dixon Selvan

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              rscasny Thanks for the update.  Welcome to the new normal.  We're back to the old days where it just took time to get something.

              Miraculously... our economy didn't fail and we still got stuff done.  Hmmm...  crazy concept, I know.     This storm will pass more quickly if we all do our part.


              Thank you danzima for being on the front lines.  At least the commute to work isn't as bad, right?

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                  Hello Randy,


                  I am working for an international semiconductor company and working from a home office is a completely new challenge for most of my colleagues. We have managed to set-up most staff with the equipment and IT-infrastructure they need for productive work - my hats off to all the IT experts around the globe which are making this happen! I am exclusively working from home since 2004, so I am thankfully used to it.

                  If there is only one advise I may give to those who are new to working from home: Take - your - time!


                  • As said, it is a new challenge for most of your co-workers and your managers, for your spouse and your family (particularly, if you have to look after your kids at home).
                  • Developing new routines for your daily work simply takes time. Do not expect to be half as productive as you were.
                  • Do not multitask. Go in baby steps. Pick your top-priority task, target 1/3 of your regular productivity and please yourself immediately after you have accomplished that (a nice cup of quality coffee is a great motivation for me). Then go for the next task after that.
                  • Decide for a "closed/open door policy" for your spouse and kids, if you have the luxury of an extra room.
                  • Leave after work and spend some time with your beloved.
                  • Consider the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomodoro_Technique if it works for you. If this technique does not work for you, that's fine - use whatever method fits you and your work best.

                  Oh, and please keep the Road Test program rollin'! I believe this is great way for the tech community to keep in touch.



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                  Hi Randall,


                  thanks a lot for the updates. I write from Italy and here too we have had a similar situation for weeks now. Being closed at home is becoming a great challenge for our work, but at the same time I think it is an opportunity to be used to devote more time to yourself, also cultivating the hobbies left aside and all those things that we have always said "I will fix when I have time".

                  In recent days, for example, I'm reorganizing in my lab/garage a mountain of SMD and THT components inside many drawers, labeling and cataloging them.


                  At the same time, I notice that in my country everyone is realizing everything that can be done online in a very simple and fast way, even if before the emergency it required unnecessary and long queues, going to different offices.


                  In any case, I really hope that this epidemic can end as soon as possible, avoiding further victims and serious cases. I hope all of you can overcome this difficult phase and come back stronger than before.


                  I wish you a good day and good work!



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                    Thanks Randall and Daniel,


                    stay safe!

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                      Luckily the company I work for were already fine with people working from home a few days a week. No adjustment needed - for that bit of life at least!


                      On the plus side, once we are back to normal many more people should be able to work from home when they need to. No way can your employer say it's not possible or feasible. Being able to work from home is great for those days when your kid is sick and can't go to school or you have some delivery / appointment / repairman that you can't miss.


                      Our family have been isolated for the last 2 weeks due to a fever my son had. My wife was just about to go back to work this morning and she came down with a fever. Unfortunately she was to be the doctor that was seeing the patients that really had to be seen in person (rather than phone / video). She now can't do that or she could make things worse. Crappy timing!

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                          Ciao Simone, I am very sorry to hear about all the losses and difficulties in Italy. Buona Fortuna!
                          Same for Fred's situation at home: "Our family have been isolated for the last 2 weeks due to a fever my son had[..]Unfortunately she was to be the doctor[..]"


                          May you all stay safe or get well soon.



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