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    Multiple Attributes(?) To Drive BOM Content


      Is there a way for a single part to drive multiple line items in a BOM? For instance, an SMD with a light pipe would have BOM information in it;s attributes for both the LED and the light pipe. I am currently using a separate schematic symbol for the mechanical part (light pipe) that populates it's line item in the BOM, but I was hoping there might be a way for one part to drive the two line items.




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          I don't think there is a way to have a single instance generate multiple line items in a BOM.  To do this, I have a single generic schematic library part that has a symbol that is just a text note.

          Here is an example.  I do this for various parts such as the bare PCB itself, adhesives, assy procedures, silpads, heat sinks, fasteners, etc.


          The schematic symbol looks like the following:

          This is just a text frame with a note and then the "Apply to...." text is a parameter that I can change.  It would appear on the schematic as a note but it generates a BOM item.  Also, if I include the parameter in the BOM then the text appears there.  The parameter I use for the notes I call "Component Note1" and I put special notes or extra value information there that I want to appear on the BOM.


          You will see that I made the Type dropbox be the mechanical type.  Here is a shot of the library part that puts the bare PCB p/n into the BOM.


          These end up appearing on the schematic something like this.....


          I didn't make the Default Designator visible but if you did you could make ordered numbered notes.  I typically just bunch up the various mechanical only parts like this on a top sheet or with the fiducials or mounting holes or something.