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    Change Scaling of CircuitStudio


      I've found that going from a 1080 monitor to a 4K monitor has really put a damper on my ability to see the screen while using CS.  In case other people are having a difficult time, I found a fix a while ago and I thought that I should share. 


      1-Find the main executable (DXP.exe)

           a-Go to your search bar

           b-Type CircuitStudio

           c-Right-Click and select 'Open File Location'

           d-Right-Click the shortcut and select 'Properties'

           e-Click the button 'Open File Location'

      2-Right-Click DXP.exe

      3-Select 'Properties'

      4-Click on the 'Compatibility' Tab

      5-Check the box next to 'Override high DPI scaling behavior Scaling performed by"

      6-In the drop-down, select 'System'

      7-Press 'OK'


      Now your CircuitStudio program will take on the scaling of whatever you have set up on your display settings.


      Happy Birthday!