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    Circuit Studio Crashes When Creating Contents of Mesh Folder


      I have been having a problem with CS crashing when either adding a 3D object to a footprint or viewing the PCB in 3D. I have written several other discussions on this on Element 14. I think I have finally narrowed down where the problem is. CS crashes when it is creating the files that go into the Mesh directory. The location of this directory is given (and can be changed) on the General tab of the PCB page under System. Any operation that would create an entry for this directory causes CS to crash. I have tried running as Win 7, I have updated to Win 10 Pro 64. I have completely deleted and re-installed CS. I bought and installed a new graphics card (Radeon Pro WX 5100) that supports DirectX 12. None of these things has solved the problem. However, if I copy my project and load it onto a machine on which CS works (my laptop), when I open the project CS proceeds to mesh the components in the library/project and write them to the Mesh directory. If I copy the files in the Mesh directory back into the Mesh directory on the problem machine, everything works fine. I can load components, I can view the board in 3D (and it displays correctly) and CS appears to function normally. As long as I do not do an operation that requires a refresh of the Mesh directory, all is well. My system has an Intel Core i7 960 processor, 9 GB of RAM, Radeon Pro WX 5100 Graphics, 1T SSD main disk drive, and is running the latest version of Win 10 Pro 64 bit. I am hoping someone can figure this out, or if a new version of CS is in the works, that this will provide enough info to fix the problem.