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    Revision Control with SVN


      I have set up a SVN repository on cloud forge for my Circuit Studio project. I elected to use the standard branch, tag, trunk folder structure. So I was told by our software guy that i need a working folder on my PC so i made that and I made a folder in that for my project and within that folder i also made branch, tag and trunk folders. I checkout my folder through the appropriate working folder like the trunk for example. It shows up in circuit studio with the little green check marks and all seems happy. Then I want to branch the trunk to make some changes etc. My software guy told me typically he uses Tortoise SVN's repository browser to look at the repository he then opens the trunk selects all the files and drags them to say the branch folder where another sub folder resides (1.2.1 for example) you have to hold control so it copies it and doesn't move it out of the trunk. I'm wondering if this is really the way I'm supposed to be branching  and tagging projects. Is there not a way from within Circuit studio to branch a project? I'm confused if I have to put the working copy into tortoise SVN revision control because when i tried I opened a project made some changes and committed them so circuit studio showed all green checks but the file folder showed red exclamation points so i then have to commit the that folder as well? There must be someone using this in the correct manner that can give me a little guidance.