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    Green jobs, do you have one?


      University of California, Berkeley released a repost on March 17, 2011 defining plans with green jobs in the state. 11.2 billion dollars will be invested into green sector by 2020, creating some 211,000 jobs. However a lot of these jobs will go to construction workers who have not been trained on green technology retrofits. A new push for certifications for those workers hopes increase the number of higher skill people with longer job stability. These actions hope to raise the bar in green jobs in the state. No mention of engineers though.

      A friend of mine is also getting into the green. But they are going for business planning and financials in the industry. This raises one concern, are any engineers working in the green sector?

      If anyone is here on E14, let us all know how the job market is fairing. What do you do on the job? What are some trends?