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    Graphics inside Schematic Symbols won't print


      We have 2 seats of Circuit Studio Version 1.5.1 (Build 13) and both have this problem. Some, not all, of the schematic symbols will not print any graphics or test inside the rectangle of the symbol but they show in the print preview just fine, see pics below. Also, it all looks good on the sheets while working with the schematics. I can't find any differences for pins/graphics that do print compared to ones that do not print. We have tried everything we can think of. Would appreciate any help/insight anyone may have on this issue. Thanks in advance.


      Sample of Preview vs. Printed

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          I would check in the symbol components that the background (yellow) rectangle is in back of the other graphical parts such as pins.  If it is not and even if it is transparent, some print drivers may not handle the transparency correctly and it might obscure the pin names.  Print preview might work but the print rendering in a printer might not.


          If you don't know how to do this,

          1) pick the rectangle.

          2) Use Tools > Move > send to back and then click on the rectangle again.


          If your rectangle is not transparent then moving it to the back is probably not the issue.


          FWIW I have some schematics that look great until printed on one of our printers and then some of the parts get filled in with all black instead of gray scale for the colors.

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