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    Retro FPGA game engine


      From an educational perspective:


      Is it possible to create a complete game in FPGA (pure HDL)? I suppose it is, I know it is... ;-)

      There are of course different levels of game... pong can be created without too much code, more complex games will need more effort.

      I would like to create a list of things needed for a more complex game.

      What are the skills needed for a retro game engine implemented on an FPGA board?

      Which knowledge has to be acquired?

          How to draw on a screen, lots of VGA tutorials out there.

          How to draw lines, more theoretical, bresenham algorithms etc.

          Loading images/sprites from an SD card or via ethernet, getting more complicated...

          Swapping sprites in memory

          I am thinking of DMA for double screen buffering, video signals, HDMI, ...

      Which are good learning resources?

      Lots of VGA tutorials out there, but I don't have the impression there are many HDMI tutorials, is this so much more difficult?


      Let's discuss what levels of knowledge are necessary and try to build up a structured set of skills one should develop step by step.

      This could lead to a series of HDL tutorials for the intermediate to advanced learner...


      Tell me what you think.


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