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    Good quality DC Plug?


      Can anyone recommend a 'good' quality DC plug? By good I mean good quality solid plastic shafts with well threaded and secure metal connectors/pins?


      I want to avoid the poorly made ones which easily 'pull apart' when you pull them out because of the thin plastics used and poor threading.


      I'd happily pay a little more to get a well made, secure barrel plug. However, sometimes paying more doesn't equate to better, so I'd like to know for sure if I'm actually getting quality for my money! There's so many barrel plugs on uk Farnell that I'm none to sure which to go for? The plug I'm after is an outer 5.5mm and inner 2.5mm.


      Any advice greatly appreciated.

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          There are only 10 the right size on Farnell, there is no point buying a Switchcraft locking one unless the mating part is the same type, so that leaves a choice between the Cliff FC6814775 at £2.39 and the Switchcraft 765H at £3.77.


          Since I have never had one fail I would buy the cheap one.

          (that is I've never had one I fitted fail, I have replaced one or two from equipment, but usually because the cable failed and the plug was molded on.)



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