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    What do you want to learn next?


      Hello Community!


      Over the last 2+ years of The Learning Circuit, I've done a lot of general overviews of components commonly used in electronics. In recent episodes, I've been digging a little deeper into some of those components. Lately, that's been specific ICs like decade counters and shift registers. (spoilers!)

      What I want to know, is where should I go next? What else would you like to see an episode about? Is there something I've covered more generally in a previous episode that you would like to see covered more in depth? Is there something I haven't covered before that you'd like to see in a future episode? My episodes usually come in pairs, with one lesson episode, followed by another that uses that lesson in a practical application. So preferably something that could follow that format.

      Tell me what you'd like to see on upcoming The Learning Circuit videos, I'd love to hear your ideas!



      LM2596 Led Voltmeter DC-DC Buck Step Down Converter Module Voltage Regulator