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    2019.2 BSP Contains Locked IP for PWM_w_Int


      I'm trying to use the 2019.2 Ultra96v2 BSP design as a base to modify and generate a known working petalinux build.  When I extract the vivado project from the 2019.2 BSP that I downloaded from Avnet, I get 2 PWM IPs that are locked because they are missing from the IP repository.  If any IP in the block diagram is locked, I cannot modify the bd and generate it.  Where can these packaged IPs be downloaded from?  I found an Avnet git repo here:




      But this appears to be more than 2 years old and it's unclear it is properly packaged and working for Vivado 2019.2 and this version of the Ultra96v2 BSP.  See attached for a screen capture of Vivado IPI showing the locked status of the PWM ip.