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    Minized BSP 2019.2 error




      I have downloaded minized BSP for 2019.2 version but I couldn't build it.

      Petalinux throws me an error while building:


      [INFO] building project

      [INFO] sourcing bitbake

      [INFO] generating user layers

      [INFO] generating workspace directory

      INFO: bitbake petalinux-user-image

      ERROR:  OE-core's config sanity checker detected a potential misconfiguration.

          Either fix the cause of this error or at your own risk disable the checker (see sanity.conf).

          Following is the list of potential problems / advisories:


          Failed to create a file in SSTATE_DIR: Permission denied.

      You could try using /home/training/git/avnet/petalinux/scripts/../cache/2019_2/sstate_arm in SSTATE_MIRRORS rather than as an SSTATE_CACHE.


      I tried to find solution on my own but without luck.

      Can someone point me to right direction or provide solution?



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          I have commented last two lines in /project-spec/meta-user/conf/petalinuxbsp.conf

          like this:

          #DL_DIR = "/home/training/git/avnet/petalinux/scripts/../cache/2019_2/downloads"

          #SSTATE_DIR = "/home/training/git/avnet/petalinux/scripts/../cache/2019_2/sstate_arm"

          And for now it started building, lets hope, that it wont crash.

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            This is error is an unforeseen artifact of creating this BSP with the Avnet build script (Using Avnet Build Scripts to Build a PetaLinux BSP ).  The script makes changes to the <>/project-spec/configs/config and <>/project-spec/meta-user/conf/petalinuxbsp.conf files to allow the BSPs to build faster using the local DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR  folders. This is described in this Element14 blog article Accelerating PetaLinux BSP Build Time .  I forgot to 'undo' these file edits before posting this BSP online.  Your fix to comment these lines in the petalinuxbsp.conf file is the correct one.  I am sorry for the inconvenience.  This will be fixed in future BSPs and in the build scripts.



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                Thank you, Tom, for creating those BSP's they are really helpful for learning how Petalinux work


                I'm trying to create system for 2020.1 version based on your work, but petalinux is getting stuck after u-boot must be some error with &amba{} configuration...


                Do you know when can we expect 2020.1 version for minized?


                Thanks, have a nice weekend/

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                    The PetaLinux 2020.1 BSPs for all of the Zed and UltraZed SOMs and SBCs are being developed now.  I suspect the error you are seeing may have something to do with something that has changed in the tools since 2019.2.  Not surprising considering that, as is Xilinx custom, the Linux kernel, u-boot, and Yocto versions all changed with the 2020.1 release.  I will see what I can find out about a possible fix or workaround.  This forum indicates you are working with a MiniZed - what BSP are you trying to build?

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                        I'm doing my master’s degree in next year, and I thought that I could make some Minized acceleration tutorials with Vitis because of it.


                        All the tutorials I have found are based on outdated tools, so in my opinion it's silly to make tutorial on those. As I can see BSP provided by Avnet are not acceleration ready, so you still need to make modifications to make it work with acceleration flow. I have now modified successfully Minized project 2019.2 to boot from PMOD-SDCARD, so I think it's a good start.


                        Now I'm fighting with XRT and Vitis issues

                        Vitis has some bugs regarding packaging wrong bitstream to boot.bin and I forgot about clk_ignore_unused in kernel args.

                        Now after tweaks vector addition is working


                        I'm looking forward to 2020.1 bsps for Minized!

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                            Hi Bartosz,


                            You mention "BSP provided by Avnet are not acceleration ready" - what do you mean?  What modifications did you need to make?  When developing the BSPs for the SOMs and SBCs we add all the bits and pieces that we know of to enable further accelerator development in Vitis.  I would be interested to know what you believe is missing.




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                                Hello Tom,


                                I just have re-created project from Avnet github just to double check.


                                So this is output from Vitis after adding platform sysroots (cortexa9t2hf-neon-xilinx-linux-gnueabi) from "petalinux-build --sdk". This is EMMC version

                                As you can see, ZYNQ sysroot is missing some libraries.

                                Following Adam Taylor Microzed chronicles you can see that He is adding ZOCL and XRT libraries and drivers to petalinux project.


                                So there could be two solutions:

                                I'm creating Vitis project wrong or BSP's are not 100% ready (HW platform is OK).


                                Could you check if I'm right on your side?

                                I have created tutorial on Hackster how I made it work on Minized.