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    Adding new toolchain


      Can anyone explain in detail how to add another toolchain to the list of default ones. As far i see we can integrate new toolchain using extension point

      can any please explain in detail how we can do this. I'm a beginner in eclipse development and i can't find any reference to do this



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          Hi Promod,


          Can you give some more details of what you are trying to achieve ? I will be able to help you.

          Do you want a particular toolchain installed on your eclipse CDT?


          If it's a publicly  available toolchain then you can install it as a plugin to eclipse.

          All the plugins will be listed in eclipse marketplace. ( Help -> Eclipse Marketplace)


          For example you want to install GNU ARM Eclipse plugin then you can search a keyword like "GNU ARM" or "arm" it will list the plugin


          Once you install the plugin successfully, You can start creating projects using this toolchains. Project templates will be present to choose from when you start the project.


          If you are asking about changing the GCC toolchain in eclipse then its different. Let me know what exactly you are looking for.