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    Are there good sensors for pollen?

    Christopher Stanton

      I realised that I've never thought about how pollen is tracked.



      I keep thinking about creating a weather station to put just outside, maybe connecting it over lorawan and having sensors that pick up this, water level, wind, temperature, all so I can collect it and present it on some kinda dashboard to prepare me for the day ahead, and pollen would be really good to have since I suffer from all sorts of allergies (frankly even picking up dust levels in the house would also be good). However I realise I don't even know where to start!


      I wonder if this's mostly a time of year calculation based upon seasons and life cycle of the plants, or is it actually detected in the air?


      How do you even differentiate between different pollen in the air? Are/is there particular sensors that're better for this than others? How do you differentiate between pollen and dust? What about pollution levels?