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    Project14 | Volunteer to Judge the Hardware Hacking Competition!


      Hardware Hacking

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      Greetings Best Community Members in the Galaxy!


      Once again its time to pick the winners of the last project competition, the Hardware Hacking competition.  By volunteering to judge you help ensure that the winners of Hardware Hacking reflect the diversity of thought and opinion that makes this the best online community for engineers in the galaxy!


      • One Grand Prize Winner Wins a $200 Shopping Cart!
      • 3 First Place Winners Win a $100 Shopping Cart!


      Those of you that have volunteered to judge in the past, you know the drill.  Comment below to let me know or message me directly at tariq.ahmad.


      You're under no obligation to vote for the best project but we do ask that you look for complete projects and let us know your thoughts on the winners you pick.

      The guidelines are loosely structured but are designed to encourage complete project submissions (with steps and video proof), and we want this program to be something that everyone in the community can participate to post smaller projects that fit within a theme (a theme the members pick in a monthly poll) .

      For each project submission did the entrant do the following:


      • Follow the Steps - Did they provide the steps it took to complete the project (text, video, or images) and/or schematics.
      • Submit Video Proof - Did they post a video proof of their project?
      • Stick to the Theme - How well did the project stick to the theme of the competition?
      • Demonstrate Originality - Did they come up with a clever name for their project? Or did they introduce something new or that is not commercially available?


      Get a Decider badge for volunteering to judge a Project14 competition!  To earn a Decider badge, simply volunteer to judge a Project14 Competition, pick the winners and give us the reason for your choices.  The Decider badge will be your reward for making your decision!  Diversity and inclusiveness are the strengths of this program.  You can receive a Decider badge by volunteering to judge this or any future Project14 Competition


      Here is the list of projects to choose from Hardware Hacking:


      Project14 | Hardware Hacking: Meet the Projects that Involve Hacking!


      The Projects:



      Pong Game Circa 1978 by ralphjy:


      Pong Game Circa 1978





      The specified item was not found. by shreyasborse


      Auto-tuning high current dual-channel motor control unit


      Hardware hacking an electric fan heater without burning the house down by  BigG:


      Hardware hacking an electric fan heater without burning the house down





      Do mighty oaks from SQRL Acorns grow?  by Fred27:

      Do mighty oaks from SQL Acorns grow?




      Hacking an old darth vader lamp by daniloo94 :



      Hacking an old darth vader lamp




      My Pulse Generator by dubbie :


      My Pulse Generator





      BattPackHack #1 : The Battery PowerPack Holder by dubbie:








      Knockoff stage lighting  by ashley_c4 :


      Knockoff stage lighting




      Converting an old phone to a remote switch by vishwasn :


      Converting an old phone to a remote switch


      Modifying a RC Toy Truck using a Raspberry Pi  by carmelito:


      Modifying a RC Toy Truck using a Raspberry Pi



      Radio Magic: Sounds Nice? (part 1)  by balearicdynamics:


      Radio Magic: Sounds Nice?


      The PAL-Streamer  by zst123


      The PAL-Streamer

        • Re: Project14 | Volunteer to Judge the Hardware Hacking Competition!
          Manzel Seet

          Hello. My project has been submitted under Hardware Hacking but is not featured here. I hope the judges will take a look too. Thank you

          The PAL-Streamer

          • Re: Project14 | Volunteer to Judge the Hardware Hacking Competition!

            Hello guys, I Was unable to shoot the video for my project in hardware hacking due to Covid -19 strict lockdown .I was unable to access workshop. Hardware Hacking

            The specified item was not found. .I have updated in the post. Is it considerable.???

            Thanks alot.

            • Re: Project14 | Volunteer to Judge the Hardware Hacking Competition!

                                              HARDWARE HACKING JUDGE'S


              Tariq Ahmad

                    I'm interested in judging if there are any openings left. I am not a engineer (YET) I Am a 3rd year computer and electronics engineering student. So far I have been gearing my studies toward hardware engineering. I have been taking some robotics and manufacturing system control course's this past semester. I am seriously thinking of changing gears from hardware and focusing more on robotics. Although I am not a engineer (Yet) I have been building gaming PC for over ten years, been fixing/rebuilding Electronics since I was old enough to turn a screw driver. I have an associates in applied sciences with computer and electronics as my major course of study .I am currently employed as a part-time computer, cell phone, smart watch  and mobile devices services and repair tech. I Also have my compTIA A+ certification for network an pc service technician license. I have 3 years of part-time exp as car audio installation tech as I worked my way trough high school at a car audio garage. I have A great understanding of digital/analog Logic, I Have a above average knowledge of python, java script and basic understanding of C++ . I have been using and playing with Raspberry pi and Adruino for 2 years or so now. I am 35 years old and at 32 decided to make a change and went back to school and focus on my long time hobby of electronics and computers, Before that I had been a career carpenter and amateur programer, hacker and maker. I believe my 15 years experience in the carpentry/construction field has been a great benefit to my new career path as a expiring engineering/Maker. I believe That all this makes me a reasonable choices for judge despite the fact I am not a actual engineer as of (Yet) 


                                                                                                                                                                Thanks for reading

                                                                                                                                                                    Josh Ramsey

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