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      why use 1n4148 so much??

      when using 1n4148 ??

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          Can you provide a little bit more context to your question?


          Are you finding the diode common? I'm not sure how to respond to you question. Fill in some details and you may get a response.


          I see you membership is new so welcome.

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            The 1N4148 is very inexpensive and works well to cover a lot of low current applications. You are correct that they are quite common. I salvage a lot of circuit boards and it is rare for there not to be at least one and frequently 10 or 20 on a single circuit board. There is also several manufacturers who have made this device under the same part number. Occasionally there will be a slightly different first 2 characters in place of the 1N but the 4148 remains the same. Because of this the parts has been used in boards from all over the world. Even Wikipedia has an article about it.





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              When engineers find a part that does the job well, they tend to use it in all of their projects.


              As John said, he finds it in a lot of equipment he deals with.


              Like the 555 timer chip, when something is well designed, engineers find a lot of place to use it.



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                Adding one more point to others said.


                1N4148 is an incredibly fast responding diode. The recovery time is around 4ns. Which means it can come out of conducting state to blocking state in 4ns. If you consider the 1n4001 another commonly used diode the recovery time is around 2uS.

                Which is around 500 times slower than the 1N4148. I generally use 1N4148 diodes for analog frontend protection circuits. If you want to protect a differential amplifier from a sudden transient voltage you can use 1n4148.



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