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    Official RPI 7'' Touch screen power requirements ???




      as soon as I plugged the official 7'' screen on may RPI 4, the firmware logo appeared


      Raspberry Pi 7” Touchscreen Display


      the one that says, there is a problem with the power supply


      anyway in the end, I want to power the screen (and other peripherals)  with an external power supply


      but I cannot find any power requirement about that very screen


      thanks for your help

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          The display consumption alone is about 550mA at 5V.

          With my Pi 3B attached to it, I see about 750 mA total power consumption (Pi + display) when the Pi is idling and not attached to anything else, and with a WiFi connection to a network but not transferring anything. You can use online Pi 3B and Pi 4 supply current consumption measurements done by others to extrapolate.


          However, to actually start up the Pi 3B with the display, current bursts to beyond 1100mA need to be supported by the power supply for the Pi + display. And once the Pi is running applications then of course the overall current consumption of the Pi and Display can exceed that.


          If you're getting a power supply related issue you'll need to use an 'official' Pi power supply, because it outputs slightly higher voltage of 5.1V, not 5.0V, and has heavier gauge wire to reduce the voltage drop at times of high current demand.


          If you're running a high load from the Pi's USB connectors or 40-way connector, then you may need to investigate other ways to power the peripherals independently. So, for instance, a USB keyboard or mouse would be fine, but a USB powered spinning drive might not - it's experimental because there is no datasheet specifying the precise limit, it's a low-end consumer product.

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            I have found that a Apple 12w usb power supply, has been suffecent supply for any PI project that I have attempted. I have only my pi 4 a few weeks now so have not had time do much with PI 4 but using Apples 12w supply, I have never had power warnings or problems to date, again I have limited experience with PI 4 but chances are you already have  one around the house/shop so it can be a easy to access and good solution to power issues if nothing else its worth consideration. Hope this helps