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    Where can I find a power supply like this (another Make: Electronics question)


      So, in Make: Electronics by Charles Platt he gives an option of a benchtop power supply that


      "provides variable DC outputs of 0V to +15V and 0V to -15V, plus a fixed 5V output. It should also have several breadboards conveniently mounted on top of its box."


      Weeellllll, I have googled quite a bit and not been able to find anything like this; the breadboards top is throwing me off I think.  Does anyone know where to find something like what he describes?  Mostly I am finding little ammo box shaped things that provide "0V to 30V" like the one pictured below - is this the same voltage requirements he stipulates?  But what about the breadboards?...I know this is a very basic question! Thanks for any help!