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    Status Please --


      I'm new to this group and wondered if anyone in the group can answer some of my questions.


      is there any decision on the enrollment of This design challenge and if I qualify for the hardware?

      Applications Close (about 1 Month)

      14th September 2020

      Challengers Announced

      16th September 2020



      Selection was suppose to be on or around August 21? It is now September 20th!!!!!


      I filled out my application back in August 24, and have not heard anything?


      It would be nice if you informed the applicants that took the time to apply, the status of there submission to the road test. Please let me know either way so I can proceed with Other projects.



      Kind Regards




        • Re: Status Please --

          It would be nice if you were patient about everything, including the selection for RoadTests and Design challenges.


          The selection was supposed to be on the 16th. Not August 21st.


          It would also be nice if you understood that many times there are over 100 pages total of applications. And, each application is read three times.


          Each time it's considered against other applications.


          Lastly, It would be nice if you didn't call this a roadtest, it isn't, it's a design challenge.

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