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    Connect Touchscreen LCD to RP from 2m distance


      Hi there,


      Tho I did some projects with MCUs, I am almost new in RP.

      I have a project with 4" touchscreen LCD and RP 4 and I know there are lots of videos in YouTube about how to connect them.

      But my problem is that, I have to install the LCD on control panel door and put the RP inside the cabinet where they are almost 2 meters far from each other.

      I want to use the touch feature, so HDMI cable just works as RP output and I can't use it for transferring data from touch to RP.

      So, what is the best, professional and preferably cheapest way to connect my LCD to RP to avoid any trouble later? Also I need to have access to the rest of my GPIO to be able to connect sensors and relays as well.