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    Xmas RGB “in motion” issues


      I could use some help choosing replacement 4-pin RGB lamps for my In Motion outdoor Xmas sets.  I have 20 twelve-lamp “C9” sets on the house, end to end, each with a control module.  They manage to stay in synch, so the modules must be absolutely identical electronically.  Color combinations and solids rotate in sequence and can be steady or flash, etc.  The colors include white, purple, orange, etc., not just RGB, so the controllers apparently mix RGB with varying current I assume.


      When new I had sets that acted up, with sections of 3 or 4 lights staying solid white, or occasionally groups of lamps entirely out.  The mfr. ultimately sent me more than 20 new sets, so usually now I just replace an entire faulty string with one of those, and later try to fix the original.  But that’s a nightmare, and I now have 7 or 8 sets from years past clogging my workbench.  Sometimes just juggling lamp positions works, but usually it’s a bugger ferreting out what’s wrong.  It’s easy to suspect the controllers, but sometimes just replacing just the right lamp with a spare does the trick.  But because there are 4 wires instead of just 2, I have a devil of a time finding the faulty lamp;  my yellow LED Xmas gun isn’t useful on controlled 4 pin lamp sets.


      Since there only 2 spare lamps in holders with each set (and some sets had no spares), I’d like to get spare 4-pin bulbs.  If I just replace lamps one at a time until a set works, since they fail in straight groups of 3, that may be easiest.   The pins are too long and often need trimming a bit to fit the holder or they jam going into the sockets.  Problem is I’m not sure which lamp to order.  Maybe you can assist.  The tag on each cord says to replace with 3v fuses, and 4v. 0.25 w lamps.  That’s it.  In searching online I see options on Amazon (Chanzon), but they are clear lenses and mine are diffused.  The ones at Amazon say 3v.  More concerning is they come either common anode or common cathode, and I don’t know how to tell which that mine are.  They are domed 5mm.  I looked at Mouser.com but was still left with uncertainty.


      Can you advise?  I’d sure like to clear these 7 or 8 sets off my garage workbench, and for once have room for other projects as they come up!



      Clackamas, Oregon