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    Keyboard command for Copy Group / Move Group (Eagle v6.6)


      Hi ... does anyone know the keyboard commands required to enter the mode where an (already selected) group in the schematic editor can be copied or moved?  That is, the keyboard equivalent to [right-click Move: Group], or [right-click Copy: Group] ... after which you position the group with the mouse and click when at the required position.  This is not the same as moving a group a fixed amount, as is described in the manual using MOVE (> 0 0) (10 0);
      I have tried many possible commands, but to no avail.  Web searches keep turning up the same two answers ... use the mouse (right-click), or keyboard commands, but only moving by fixed amounts.
      If such commands are possibly via keyboard entry, the idea is to set them as macro key sequencess on a programmable keyboard.
      Thanks to any clever helpful people who can help