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    New Person - Need Help Making Raspberry Pi Zero W Portable


      Hello everyone,


      I'm very new to electronics and the Raspberry Pi space. I have a problem, and I just don't want to ruin anything.

      I want to make my Raspberry Pi Zero W portable using a LiPo battery. I have gotten these links:



      ^^ The battery I would probably like to use. I would like for it to work for at least 2 hours, maybe more, if I can. I also need to conserve space because I am trying to make smart glasses.






      ^^This PCB to connect the LiPo Battery to the Pi Zero W


      I am trying to make smart glasses where it takes input from a microphone (hopefully I can get a USB microphone and just connect it to the Raspberry Pi Zero W) and then takes the input, and sends it to my phone via Bluetooth, which then turns the audio to text. After that, it will take that text, send it back to the Raspberry Pi, and puts it up on the screen.



      1) For the last link, I can't really find if it says that it will support Pi Zero W, it says it supports Pi Zero, does anyone know if it will also support Pi Zero W?

      2) Will I need some other PCB to get to voltage to 5V or what I have it is alright?

      3) I will also need to add a USB microphone and a small screen. Will this be able to handle it all / will I be able to connect everything onto the Raspberry Pi?


      Thank you so much for looking at my question. I really appreciate it, and can't thank you enough.