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    Old OScope - Worth 100$?

    Navadeep Ganesh U

      I have an option to get this scope for 100$! Worth it? I am a newbie and help me make a decision.

      My Usage: Student and Hobby Projects, Basic T&M.


      APLAB 5 IN 1 TESTLAB 3744



      • Comprises of Several Instruments in One Package Dual Trace Oscilloscope, Component Tester/Comparator, Triple Output DC Power Source, Frequency Counter and Function Generator.
      • Oscilloscope with dc to 30MHz Bandwidth and 1 mv/div Sensitivity on Both Channels.
      • 140mm Rectangular CRT and 8 x 10 cm.
      • Display with Internal Graticule. 40ns/div to 0.2s/div Time Base.
      • Z Modulation (TTL Level). X-Y Operation.
      • TV Triggering Frame (V) & Line (H). LINE Trigger.
      • Component Tester / Comparator for Quick Evaluation of Component Characteristics.
      • Triple Output DC Source for External Use.
      • 100MHz Frequency Counter Measures Frequency of Function Generator or Waveform Displayed on Oscilloscope, Also from external Input or source.
      • Function Generator Operates in the Range of 0.02Hz to 2MHz with 50 ohms Output Impedance and Attenuation upto 60dB.


      Product datasheet is attached hereby.

        • Re: Old OScope - Worth 100$?

          Hi Navadeep,


          I think you'd have fun with it, I used my first CRT-based 'scope a lot too.

          However, I cannot see from the document, but I think it is not a storage 'scope. This will make it hard to use for many experiments with (say) digital technology or microcontrollers. My first CRT scope was a storage one, and I used that capability a lot. So personally I would not get this APLAB 'scope.

          Another option (similar cost) is Picoscope 2000 series. I have the model 2205A, it is still quite basic, but it can store traces, so it's useful for looking at digital signals like I2C, UART and so on, as well as analogue signals. It has a signal generator too. As an idea, you could enter some Project14 competitions, and if you win, spend your prize on such a 'scope.

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