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    Job listing: Would you like to join the element14 Community team?

    Christopher Stanton

      element14 community


      We're recruiting someone to join our staff team (Meet the element14 Community Team ) !


      We're looking for a person ideally with a technical/electrical engineering expertise and/or background, preferably in the United States of America, but we may open this up to the United Kingdom as well. Our offices for the element14 Community are based in Chicago in the USA and Leeds in the UK.


      We have the official blurb below, but basically you'll be working with the team to create great content on the element14 Community and working with all of the hardware and components that the company has available and directly with the suppliers and manufacturers and how they interact with the element14 Community - along with working with myself and the other staff members on the element14 Community.


      Job Summary - Senior Manager of Community Programs

      Oversees the creation, execution, measurement and analysis of unique supplier programs and their promotion on the element14 Community.   Partnering with our leading suppliers to develop unique programs which build awareness, usage, education and demand for their products.   Ensures programs deliver results and are measured by performance indicators such as visits, lead acquisition, new business opportunities, member engagement, registrations and revenue.


      This role is ultimately responsible for a deep understanding of the electronics components market and being able to creatively design ways to build knowledge and demand with element14 community members.  Ensures marketing efforts can expand our core customer base, develop new business opportunities, promote value-add programs and optimize the use of automated marketing tech and tools.  Builds brand engagement and derives consumer insights to help optimize marketing campaign and program strategies.


      Leads supplier engagement programs which establish the element14 Community as a top destination for electronics engineers.


      Principal Responsibilities

      • Present element14’s key proposition in the market including its value and benefits to suppliers and engineers
      • Partner with internal and external customers and suppliers to ensure execution of all programs and campaigns to achieve the highest results.
      • Understand supplier’s technology and products to determine most effective method to showcase unique strengths
      • Develop new topics and new forms of engineering content to support supplier initiatives on element14 which may include but is not limited to educational courses, element14 presents (video), webinars, ebooks, design challenges and  reviews.
      • Ensure content delivery from India technical team and outside network of content creators – supervise content flow and ensure engineering content is technically accurate
      • Tracks, collects, analyzes and reports data, identifies trends and insights and evaluates results to achieve maximum return on Investment (ROI) for marketing campaigns.
      • Integration of Community technical content activities within traditional marketing campaigns.
      • Leveraging electronics market data to develop content themes/topics


      Job Level Specifications (Things you ideally have knowledge of)

      • Community participation and community platform expertise (Jive, Lithium, Teligent, etc.)
      • Electronics engineering experience or related background for demonstrating products, creating builds, technical writing and proofing 
      • Digital & Marketing management: Extensive knowledge of global digital channels including but not limited to content creation, content marketing, SEM/SEO, social media posting and engagement, digital advertising/re-targeting and virtual events.
      • Familiar with using analytics and tracking tools (i.e. Omniture/Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Social Media)
      • Presents a professional demeanour to key suppliers and stakeholders.
      • Self-starter, able to work productively without constant supervision.


      Work Experience

      • Typically 8+ years, including 3+ years of management experience, and experience with technical/electrical/design engineering


      Education and Certifications

      • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience from which comparable knowledge and job skills can be obtained.



      If you wish to apply then you can send me a direct message, with a link to your resumé (if you can't upload it to the direct message) and any/all questions you have. You can also try e-mailing me directly. This isn't an April fools


      Any questions you have or send to me will be handled in confidence and there's no 'wrong' or 'stupid' question.