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    Setting up an Antenna to receive cell phone tower in a Mountain




      Am varunan and am based out of tamilnadu, India. Am not a engineer or technician, so pardon me, if am asking silly questions. However, am an technical and gadget enthusiast, where i would like to learn new stuffs.


      Problem statement


      I have a 6 acre land in a remote forest in Tamilnadu in a place called agamalai (Reserved Forest). I do not have any cell phone tower in the forest and  hence i cannot use internet or make any calls from my mobile phone. I read over the internet that, there is a way to set up some antennas (like Yagi) where i would be able to receive cell phone tower. With regards to that following are my questions.


      I would highly appreciate and be thankful, if any of you could guide me here.



      1. What equipment's will i need to set this up?
      2. Is there any guide book or DIY which i can follow to find step by step process on how to set this up?
      3. Are there any government regulations, which does not allow individual hobbiest like me to set antennas up in reserved forests?
      4. If am able to set this up, will the antenna provide signal to all the 75 families in the forest or will it be restricted only to me?
      5. How much would this cost me to set the entire set up?


      Friends, thank you in advance and am so eagerly waiting to learn from you.


      Thanks again