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    What do I say? Help me out...

    Christopher Stanton

      Last week I had to take some time out of work for a hospital appointment (I'm ok, don't worry) for a check up, and to ease the anxiety and stress of it I get into some idle chat with the medical staff (they're pretty awesome) and partly to pass the time.


      Part of the discussion comes up where I'm asked:


      "What do you do for work?"


      And I explain I'm part of a team that works on the element14 Community, and then that's where the difficulty starts.


      "What's the element14 Community?"


      And I'm like... well, where do I start to describe what the element14 Community is to someone else? Just what do I say?


      I figured I'd ask you fellow members, what do you say when you/how do you describe the element14 Community to other people?


      Because I feel like I need some help here.