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    N64 Portable PSone LED screen displaying static


      I've been having continuous issues with my N64 portable console after a short happened on one of the cells. Before that shortage situation the batteries charged perfectly + the LED screen showed zero static (when charged). I believe that the short also caused the LED screen to display static continuously, but I can't seem to solve this issue. These are the steps I attempted to solve the issue:

      • I measured the voltage of the 2 cells (with a multimeter) [when the system is on & off] and they were both measured at around 3.9v, but while charging the charger reads that Cell #1 is 3.97v & Cell #2 is 4.10v.
      • I replaced the majority of the wires connected to the batteries banking on maybe the wires became damaged after the short, thus causing the screen to show static & causing an error with the charger
      • I replaced the LED screen with a new one, but still no difference, the screen still shows up with static

      I think that the issue is that for some reason the screen static is indicating that something isn't able to draw enough current off your batteries or something.

      I'm out of ideas as to what could be the cause for the screen static.. Can anyone assist me with what might be the issue?

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