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    Pynq-overlay with custom xclbin




      We have purchased the Ultra96v2 board and we are trying to use Pynq with our custom OpenCL kernel code implemented in VITIS (output of .xclbin)


      We have downloaded the latest PYNQ SD card image (v2.6). We have build the Ultra96v2 platform using the https://avtinc.sharepoint.com/teams/ET-Downloads/Shared%20Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx?originalPath=aHR0cHM6Ly9hdnRpbmM…  in VITIS (using the ULTRA96V2.xsa file) and we have used a simple example from VITIS (vadd) to create our xclbin. Need to mention that this vadd example runs correctly on Petalinux based OS, so xclbin runs successfully.


      • When we try to use xrt on PYNQ by running sudo vadd vadd.xclbin, the system hangs and we must reset.

      System hangs upon xclbin execution

      • When we use Pynq-overlay in python and try to download xclbin, it doesn’t work.
        Pynq run with .hwh file as is

        We tried to rename the sensors96b.hwh file with the same name of .xclbin and we got:
        Sensors96b.hwh file with pynq-overlay run

        Also we tried with ULTRA96V2.hwh from ULTRA96V2.xsa file and still got the same result:
        ULTRA96V2.hwh run with pynq-overlay


      Does anyone achieved to use a custom xclbin on Pynq-overlay ?
      If yes, can you please provide a small roadmap on how to use VITIS output (xclbin) in the pynq platform for ultra96v2?