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    AES-ZCU208-DTRX2-SK-G capabilities


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      We are looking for a system that can provide fast base-band processing. How wide (MHz/GHz) is the OFDM subcarrier generation capacity of the platform? Can it generate 100MHz+ OFDM subcarriers? Will the AES-ZCU208-DTRX2-SK-G

      work well for this use case.


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          Hi Malvin,


          Yes, the DTRX2 card can easily support 100MHz of bandwidth (and more). The Xilinx UltraScale+ Zynq RFSoC ZCU208 Evaluation Board, with the ZU48DR device, can generate 100MHz+ OFDM subcarriers from the programmable logic. However, we do not have an off-the-shelf design or IP cores to implement such a design.


          Thanks for your interest!