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    Preserve posts after Jive forum migration

    Jan Cumps

      With the replacement of the Jive forum getting closer, is there something that needs to be done to preserve existing articles?

      I have around 600 of them, they are my knowledge base.  I have a vested interest .

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          Christopher Stanton

          I'll be posting a blog post soon with more information.


          To answer your question in the interim though, pretty much everything's coming over to the new site.

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            It is good that element14 tries to maintain their knowledge repository, but we need to be aware that any cloud storage system could disappear so we need to store or backup our material on various media according to how much risk we are willing to take.

            People these days are increasingly focused on security issues, but the one issue that has bitten me the most is not nefarious, it is simple failure of storage systems, including cloud storage systems. For me the first and best use of a security budget is backup systems.

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                Jan Cumps

                Do you have a version of each of your blogs as an online article, and in another format stored elsewhere?

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                    I create a directory on a hard drive dedicated to each of my projects. I have a lot more projects than what are published on element14, so I can't depend on the element14 repository. There is always a lot more material than would end up in a blog.

                    Some edits I make to element14 content don't get saved back to a hard disk directory, but generally nothing important is missing. I don't save any of my element14 comments.

                    Periodically I prune the files in completed project directories to eliminate redundant files, worthless files or old versions of files. Once in a while I save completed project directories to FLASH storage.

                    I also tend to keep project boxes for each project as well, but that is getting a bit unwieldy so I am working on ways to consolidate the hardware.

                    I don't know if all this is adequate, but that is what I do.

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                        dougw Yes I know what you mean most of the last year or two. where each blog is in a directory. and then grouped logically. So for the RSS




                                    \Navigation Display Unit CP-1252/ASN-128

                                         \schematic, etc


                                   \Radio Heads


                                          C3436A.ino or main C or JAVA





                                  \248697 (dual load meter)

                                  \Fuel Load (90-00659-1)

                              \Pilot Controls

                                  \Joy Stick

                                  \Rudder Pedals and Brakes

                                  \Throttle Quadrant

                                  \Processor Select Panel


                        normally I take the source code and pull out all the jive crap, rewrap it with <!DOCTYPE HTML>.



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                    You'd need to hire someone for a week to archive all that : )

                    I have tried to grab a PDF of each of mine, but I've only managed 40 so far, and it's still the year 2014, so only seven more years to archive.

                    From my perspective, any notes I have are not something to rely on without major work they could never be re-published in an adequate way unless we had a full-time engineering assistant for a year to help each of us.

                    All my updates to blog posts were done in the editor, with no additional backup from me.

                    In any event, any backup I perform won't have all the comments, and there are tens of thousands of important discussions/photos/text in there. Any PDFs I capture from the system is static, partial capture of comments, but would still take a huge amount of time to archive off even as crude PDFs, and it's the same for so many of us I expect.

                    Sure, some of the blog posts are not worth reviving forever, but separating out useful and useless blogs or snippets of info is a major task too.

                    Definitely relieved that the plan is for (almost) everything to be migrated across! cstanton will there be a list of Jive spaces that can't be migrated in advance, so we can all take a look to see if we have any content there to manually make a backup of?