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    are you attending FTF?~


      June arrives, and some geeks go outside for one of the most groovier events in the semiconductor industry.

      #FTF2011 is now here! from Monday 20 to Thursday 23 Freescale will bring a bunch (no kidding, they have more than 200 hours of) technical sessions.

      In an awesome combo with keynote presentations, their Maket It challenge and social events.


      We will be around FTF all over the TechnicalLab, the exposition area, hands-on workshop rooms...

      Updating from time to time here, as well on Twitter @squadMCU

      Definitely, you should also follow these buddies: @Freescale, @EmbeddedStories, @Engineer_in_MKT, @HealthDevices, @TouchSensing and obviously @element14


      if you are attending FTF, please step by and say HELLO!